Neuromarketing Quiz


This short drag-and-drop e-learning interaction on neuromarketing provides an engaging way to explore the impact of neuromarketing knowledge on sales strategies and consumer understanding. This interactive activity was designed as an interactive quiz to be used within a larger course on consumer behavior. The drag-and-drop feature introduces learners to different consumer behaviors associated with different brain regions. This fun and interactive approach engages learners while increasing their understanding of how the brain influences consumer decisions. To provide flexibility and encourage self-directed learning, optional training options allow learners to choose their preferred exploration path. This approach aligns with the principles of andragogy theory, empowering learners and enhancing their overall learning experience.


  • Instructional Design

  • E-learning Development

  • Research & Content Curation

  • Script & Storyboard

  • Visual Design

  • Quality Assurance Testing


Learners participating in a course on consumer behavior and decision making.


  • Adobe Photoshop & Express

  • Articulate Storyline 360

  • DALL-E2

  • PowerPoint


English (US)